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Post you home & garden questions here!

Welcome to the blog page of The complete home & garden A-Z building & maintenance company based on the Isle of wight.

We have created this page to answer all your questions regarding home & garden problems, issues & advice. Please feel free to post & we will answer asap!


Rely on Andy & Do it all Dave is a well-established company working on the island and the portsmouth area. Having completed many successful projects, we have the experience and the expertise needed to realise the construction or renovation project that you have in mind.

We’re a multi trade company, and we work closely with customers to ensure their wishes are taken into account. We can also advise on alternative solutions that could be less costly and take less time to complete without compromising quality.

Rely on Andy & Do it all Dave does more than carrying out construction work. We can build your conservatory, tile your bathroom, install your kitchen & much much more. If you need  plumbers, painters & decorators, roofers or general property maintenance we cover all your needs.


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13 thoughts on “Post you home & garden questions here!

  1. John on said:

    Evening guys. I have a problem with my guttering. It leaks from a join on one of the corners. Was wondering if I could fix this myself?

    • Good evening. Sounds like the rubber seal has perished. We recommend gutter seal sold at most diy stores applied via a caulk gun. Unclip the corner & fill the join so that when you clip back in you have a watertight seal. Should also say that gutter clips become very brittle overtime & sometimes snap so also consider a brand new corner. Also be sure from a safety point of view that you can get to it safely! If in doubt call us to sort it for you.

  2. John on said:

    Many thanks think I will give you a call

  3. Mick on said:

    I have been quoted £45 per square metre for my pointing. Does this seem about right?

  4. Hey, Got a problem with penetrating damp coming through in a ground floor corner bedroom which never gets the sunshine. Had a look at all the guttering etc and nothing seems to be out of place, reckon it must be coming straight through the wall. Could you give a rough quote to coat the wall with silicon sealant? I estimate it is a total of 30 m/square.

  5. Good evening percy. We would need to survey the area concerned to confirm that it it definately penetrating damp. All quotes are free & no obligation.If you would like to send me your contact details to then we can have a chat & discuss an appropriate time to take a look

  6. Mr Viney on said:

    Hi, we have a 18th century town house built mainly from brick. The face of many of these have broken away. Also the pointing would need replacing. What would be the best thing to do. Not sure how you would repair the bricks.

  7. aaron hamilton on said:

    hi i had a problem with sand in my bath waste pipe (dont ask lol) i phoned do-it-all-dave and in stead of coming out and charging me he talked me through my problem down the phone, the instructions were simple and staright forward so i could understand it ( no fancy plumbers talk lol ) after following the instructions i was able to sort the problem out myself. What im really trying to say is that in the current economy everyone is looking for your monney ( i was quoted £90-£145 before i phoned dave) but these guys are genuine quality guys. ive liked the page on facebook and i will highly recomend to enyone who needs a handyman. again thank you dave 🙂

  8. Many thanks Aaron! We don’t do overpriced & we don’t part you from you’re hard earnt money when it’s not necessary.

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